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Your personal portable automated sanitizer dispenser.

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Your personal portable automated sanitizer dispenser. In response to market demand our company SanitizeFirst Global Solutions (SFGS) designed and developed the modern solution to hand sanitization; a sleek, durable and indispensable patent-pending sanitization device. This PPE device mitigates cross-contamination and is conveniently worn to use anytime and anywhere offering you protection, peace of mind and wellbeing.

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Originally designed for first responders and the military, the Clean Cliptm will be made available to the public as well. The first Clean Cliptm devices will be in a matte black finish and will include a rear clip and will include the micro-usb B charging cable.

Meet The Clean Clip™


uses, Enviromnet, and PPE Needs

A little bit about the background of why we created this product for you


Ease of Use

When the button is pressed, hand sanitizer is dispensed from the nozzle.


The Environment

The environment must be considered in the unit construction, longevity of device, shipping, packaging, batteries and both unit and cartridge disposal.


PPE Needs

The product must meet PPE needs for all users: logical, efficient, attractive, ergonomic, have long battery life, use a commonly known charging port, and have decently sized cartridges of government approved sanitizer with moisturizing ingredient.

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